"Holly" is a 16.1 hand, 15 year old Hanoverian mare. 
Over the years Holly has successfully competed in the 
Hunters and still occasionally horse shows as students 
progress. She has been with Legacy for many years now 
and helps teach riders the "hunter" ride, which is very
different than a jumper or pleasure horse. She is so quiet
and so forgiving it makes it really easy to learn on her.

​                                             Tres                                                    

"Tres" is a 16.2 hand 13 year old Thoroughbred gelding. 
He is quite accomplished in the jumper ring at the horse
 shows yet very versatile at home.  He enjoys teaching 
beginners as well as the more experienced rider. 


"Cooper" is a 7 year old large pony gelding.  He is the youngest of
 the herd but doesn't lack experience. He has become the transition
 pony for riders too large for a small pony but who may not be ready
 for a horse quite yet. 

"Cricket" is an 18 year old medium paint pony. Who wouldn't
 fall in love with that face?  Our youngest riders can confidently
 get on Cricket and learn the basics of riding with ease yet he is
 eager to work with a more experienced rider and jump around
 a course of jumps. 

"Shadow" is a 22 year old Quarter horse gelding. He is three years into his retirement now and living a luxurious life at Legacy Farm. His field sits adjacent to the outdoor riding ring where you can often find him peeking over the fence to get a view of the lessons in progress.​ He has been with Legacy Farm and Kris since he was a baby - first as a show horse and then moving into the lesson program.  He has successfully taught many, many riders how to ride.  Many of those riders went on to buy their own horse which is often a goal of riders that come to Legacy Farm. It all starts with a dream! Thanks SHADOW!!

"G.G." is a 13 year old Thoroughbred mare.  She is a great horse for an intermediate rider who is starting to work on the finer points of riding and she loves to jump. It's easy to recognize her with her cute, perky ears!

 267 S. Allentown Road
Telford, PA  18969
"Rumple" is a 22 year old small Welsh pony who has taught many kids to ride and horse show over the years.  He loves to be groomed and played with and he and Cricket are best friends.